Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak video series details upcoming weapon changes

If you're curious how your favorite weapon will change once the Sunbreak expansion comes to Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom's video series has you covered.


In Monster Hunter, a player can live and die by their allegiance and familiarity with a weapon. Understanding a weapon class and where it fits in the fight is as important as understanding the monster you’re hunting. Monster Hunter Rise brought a lot of cool new capabilities to every weapon class with its Silkbug system, but its upcoming Sunbreak expansion is set to change the weapons even further. If you want to know how your favorite weapon class will be affected, Capcom has released a series of helpful videos detailing weapon changes in Sunbreak.

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon change videos have been going up on the Monster Hunter YouTube channel over the course of the past week. Pretty much all the weapon classes are featured now, though. Each video goes through the full list of changes to weapons that are coming when Sunbreak launches in June 2022. That includes new attacks, Silkbug moves, skills, and further tweaks and capabilities coming to each weapon class.

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon change videos show off both new abilities and various skill-swapping options.
The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak weapon change videos show off both new abilities and various skill-swapping options.

This series of videos might be a must for any hunter looking forward to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. For instance, not only do you get to see new attacks coming to the Charge Blade. There are also details on changes to its unique defensive and state-swapping sword-and-shield and axe forms. All of the other videos feature similar details.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is set to arrive this coming month, bringing a massive amount of new content and stories to the already solid base game that launched back in March 2021 on Nintendo Switch before coming to PC earlier this year in an excellent port.

The Sunbreak expansion will be launching simultaneously on Nintendo Switch and PC, so hunters on all available platforms might want to study up ahead of the new expansion’s launch. Stay tuned for further details here at Shacknews as we get closer to Sunbreak’s release.

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