Rainbow Six Siege interview: Sens and the Y7S2 update

We learn about what's coming to Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 Season 2 update, specifically Sens, the game's newest Operator.


Over the weekend, Ubisoft Montreal unveiled what's next for the long-running Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Year 7 Season 2 (Operation Vector Glare) will introduce several new features and will be headlined by a new Operator. To learn more about new character Sens, we spoke with Siege Creative Director Alexander Karpazis.

"Sens hails from Belgium," Karpazis told Shacknews. "They went through life experiencing the military academy and then eventually joined the Belgian SAS before meeting up with Rainbow and joining Doc and the Wolfguard squad. Their background comes from a lot of military discipline, but they also have a much more lighter, bubblier side, enjoying music, and you'll probably get a sense of that through some of the storytelling that we'll do throughout Season 2."

Karpazis, who was appointed to the Creative Director role back in January, also dives into Sens' various abilities. Specifically, he talks about their ROU Projector, which uses light to obstruct lines of sight. He talks about the ROU Projector's various applications, interesting ways to use it, teammates who will benefit from it, and ways for defensive teams to potentially counter it.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 2 Sens

Year 7 Season 2 will also feature a handful of new features. Karpazis briefly discusses the new Team Deathmatch map, the new Operator squads, the shooting gallery, an Opeator Guide for newer players, and much more. You can learn more about everything coming to Siege by checking out our recent Operation Vector Glare preview.

The Rainbow Six Siege Test Server on PC is currently running Operation Vector Glare. Look for the Year 7 Season 2 update to hit all platforms in early June. For more interviews like this, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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