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Rainbow Six Siege gets some Sens in Operation Vector Glare update

Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 Season 2 update will receive some major changes, as well as a new Operator that sheds some light on offense.


Ubisoft Montreal has slowly been building to the full reveal of Rainbow Six Siege's Operator Vector Glare over the past week. With the final day of the Six Charlotte Major underway, the time has come to show players what's coming next to the first-person tactical shooter. Now on Year 7 Season 2, Operation Vector Glare will feature a handful of major changes, a new addition to one of the game's recently-added game modes, and a brand new Operator. That last one just makes Sens.

Sens is Siege's newest Attacker. Hailing from Belgium, Sens brings tactical military experience and psychology training to the field. In terms of gadgets, they shine a new light on the team-based conflict. The ROU Projector is a wheel that rolls down in a straight line, leaving a series of smaller projectors along its trail. These projectors will create an entire wall of bright light. The light is not meant to hurt any of the players, but it is meant to obstruct the line of sight of any defenders.

Covering more ground and making less noise than a flashbang or a smoke grenade, the ROU Projector can give attacking teams some new ways to approach a bomb site. Once a defender is in their sights, Sens can use their POF-9 or 417 rifles to take them down.

While new objective maps or reworks of existing maps are usually expected of a new update, Ubisoft Montreal is doing something a little bit different for Operation Vector Glare. Recall that last season's update introduced a new Team Deathmatch mode. Team Deathmatch has taken off among a percentage of the user base, which is why a new TDM map is being added to the rotation.

Rainbow Six Siege Vector Glare Sens

Close Quarter will take players to Greece. Instead of taking an existing map and moving a few pieces around to shoehorn Team Deathmatch gameplay into it, Close Quarter is built with TDM in mind. Look for better-flowing paths, as well as different lines of sight that allow for the action to stay constant.

Other new features for Operation Vector Glare include a new Shooting Range, which will allow players to train with different firearms. A new Operator Guide will help newcomers learn how to play with each individual character. Plus, as part of Ubisoft Montreal's continuing fight against toxicity, look for team killers to be penalized with reverse friendly fire. Offenders will receive two warnings before the feature kicks in, which should hopefully deter toxic team killers.

Rainbow Six Siege Vector Glare Sens

On top of all of that, the Operator roster has grown so large that some of them have branched out to form their own squads. To help add to Siege's lore, prepare to meet the new Wolfguard squad, which is comprised of new Operator Sens, as well as Lion, Montagne, Nomad, Twitch, Ying, Clash, Melusi, Bandit, Frost, Thunderbird, and Castle. Doc will act as the squad's leader. Look for other squads to be introduced throughout the year.

There is no date for Operator Vector Glare just yet, but expect it to hit PC, PlayStation, and Xbox in early June. You can learn more about Year 7 Season 2 over on the Rainbow Six Siege website. We'll be on the lookout for more from Ubisoft's tactical shooter, so keep it here on Shacknews for the latest updates.

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