Starlink expands availability to RVs & large vehicles

Those that want to hit the great outdoors and stay connected can now do both with Starlink's new RV dish.


Starlink has expanded its reach to recreational vehicles and larger campers, granting internet access to more remote areas around the world. The product looks to be a portable radar dish that users can place around their campsite to stay connected, even when out in the sticks.

starlink rvs campers

While Starlink has been a hot product for a while now, availability has been limited to homes and businesses in a static-environment. Even though the recent Starlink Portability feature launched, offering users the ability to move their equipment, this new focus on RVs and larger vehicles takes portability to another level.

Consumers are able to order one of the new Starlink devices, which appears to be a reasonably sized satellite dish. According to the official page, users can anticipate high speed, low latency connections in areas marked as “Available”. The service is billed in one-month increments and can be paused and un-pause at the user’s leisure.

Elon Musk noted in a tweet that the service is not available for regular vehicles, as the antenna is too large for cars. Furthermore, the dish requires a clear view of the sky to connect and is not designed to be used while a vehicle is in motion.

For those users that spend time traveling and camping, finding reliable internet connections can be tough. Even when trying to escape from it all and connect with nature, it’s still important to be able to connect with critical services and information. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you the latest on Starlink and other products in the SpaceX and Tesla catalog.

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