SpaceX Starlink satellite Internet Portability now available

Starlink subscribers can now add the Portability feature to their service to move their equipment around and access Starlink wherever coverage is available.


A big part of SpaceX’s Starlink internet service is that it’s meant to provide internet access and service pretty much anywhere, which is a huge boon over services that require various cable and wired connections to provide the same. Now, Starlink is set to gain even more mobility as SpaceX activates a new Portability feature. For an extra premium, it would appear that users can now move their Starlink equipment to new locations and access internet service on an as-necessary basis.

SpaceX recently announced the implementation of Starlink Portability via an email to customers and a new section on the Starlink website FAQ page. For around $25 per month, Portability can be activated on your Starlink service immediately. The use is meant to be temporary, but once activated, it allows users to move the Portability-activated Starlink equipment around to access Starlink internet service wherever coverage is available.

SpaceX Starlink internet service has decent coverage already and Portability sounds like a good way to keep your internet with you if you expect to travel.
SpaceX Starlink internet service has decent coverage already and Portability sounds like a good way to keep your internet with you if you expect to travel.

Obviously, there are a few caveats to Starlink Portability. It cannot be used while moving for one. The equipment must still be stationary. If users move across continents, Portability does not cover that either. You’d actually have to change established service addresses. Furthermore, Portability does not affect multiple instances of Starlink equipment on a single account. Customers must activate it individually for each service address. Finally, Starlink cannot guarantee service quality and speed while using Portability features. All-in-all, it’s meant to act as a temporary mobile solution to an established service address.

Nonetheless, Portability sounds like a solid addition to what Starlink already offers, especially in the case of users that don’t have a good internet service provider in remote areas or must travel to locations for months at a time and want to bring their internet with them. Starlink recently raised prices for users, but it’s still one of the only existing forms of satellite internet providing service to otherwise dead zone areas. As it continues to improve, Portability sounds like a boon on top of what has been offered so far. If you are an existing Starlink user, be sure to check out your account portal to learn more or stay tuned here at Shacknews for further updates.

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