How to sell items - Lost Ark

Sell your unwanted weapons, armor and items in Lost Ark to make more silver.


Spend any amount of time in Lost Ark and you’ll have items to sell. Whether you want to sell some weapons, armor, or other gear, finding your nearest merchant and offloading your unwanted goods is a great way to earn some more silver. The good news is that you can sell items just about anywhere in Lost Ark.

How to sell items

lost ark sell items
Visit a merchant and right-click items in your inventory to sell them.

To sell items in Lost Ark, simply approach a merchant that sells wares. You can then speak with them, select the items you want to sell by right-clicking them, and then choosing the Sell option. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to a vendor that sells items (potion merchant, gear merchant, etc)
  2. Talk with the merchant
  3. Right-click items in your inventory that you want to sell
  4. Click the vendor’s Sell tab
  5. Select the Sell button to sell everything you’ve added to the Sell box

It’s possible to sell items as soon as you arrive in Prideholme – which is also where you can start playing co-op. Make your way to a merchant like the Potion Merchant or Gear Merchants over on the east side of town.

lost ark sell gear
When you have chosen all that you want to sell, press the Sell button to finalize the sale and get your silver.

Talk with the merchant to see your gear in the right-hand box. Right-click any item you want to sell to add it to a sell list. Click the Sell tab on the left-hand box to see everything you’ve listed. When you’re ready, click the Sell button to receive a nice amount of silver!

Keep in mind, just because the Repairer is a merchant, does not mean you can actually sell your gear to him. The Repairer is only used for repairing your weapons, armor and gear. Similarly, you cannot sell armor and weapons to a Potion Merchant and you can’t sell potions to Gear Merchant! This means you will need to do a bit of running around if you’ve got a whole lot of different items to get rid of.

Whenever you return back to Prideholme after questing, make sure to sell items you no longer want or need. Early on you will find that your gear is being replaced quickly, which will make it easy to earn more silver. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Lost Ark page for more tips to help you progress through this meaty MMO.

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