Halo esports pro Tyler 'Spartan' Ganza speaks out against eUnited

Ganza says he won't be strong-armed into playing for eUnited, and has voluntarily benched himself.


One of the top Halo Infinite esports pros, Tyler ‘Spartan’ Ganza, recently spoke out against his team eUnited and shared the news that he’s voluntarily benched himself for the rest of the game’s scheduled season.

In the message shared to Twitter, he notes the move has nothing to do with “the fine debacle” which refers to when he was fined $2,500 by the Halo Championship Series (HCS) organization after he was vocal about his discontent with the launch of Season 2, calling it “the worst update yet” among other things.

Ganza was later fined by eUnited after the HCS fine for $750, but again, Ganza has emphasized him voluntarily benching himself has nothing to do with that. Instead, he points to being unfairly held in a contract by eUnited, and how there’s been unexpected changes and upheaval within the team itself, along with serious communication issues on the matter.

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