Kerbal Space Program 2 release date delayed to 2023

The Kerbals' latest vessel has exploded again. They'll need some more time before they can venture into space.


It was looking for a while like Kerbal Space Program 2 would be ready for launch in 2022. Unfortunately, the Kerbals have hit another snag, as they do, in attempting to breach the gaming atmosphere. On Monday, hours ahead of Take Two Interactive's Q4 2022 earnings results, Creative Director Nate Simpson announced that KSP2 would be delayed once again, this time to 2023.

The following was posted to the Kerbal Space Program forums:

Hi everyone – this is Nate Simpson, Creative Director for Kerbal Space Program 2. We have made the difficult decision to move the release date of KSP 2, which will now launch in early 2023 on PC with our console release later that year.

We are building a game of tremendous technological complexity, and are taking this additional time to ensure we hit the quality and level of polish it deserves. We remain focused on making sure KSP2 performs well on a variety of hardware, has amazing graphics, and is rich with content. We’ve built a spectacular team at Intercept Games – a team that includes, as previously mentioned, key members from the development team behind the original Kerbal Space Program. We have the perfect combination of experienced, passionate, and skilled developers to fully realize this game’s ambitious potential.

We are forever grateful to the KSP community for sticking with us on this journey, and we appreciate your continued support as we push towards the finish line. We can’t wait for everyone to play the game, and we’ll keep sharing more information with you in the coming months.

Kerbal Space Program 2 delayed 2023

Kerbal Space Program 2 has had a lengthy development cycle, dating all the way back to its original reveal back in August 2019. Things have been rocky for this sequel to the acclaimed space travel simulator. It's been delayed multiple times and has even had a change in developer, going from Star Theory to Intercept Games. Even with a handful of setbacks, the Intercept team has remained optimistic throughout. We even saw it firsthand here at Shacknews last year when we spoke with Simpson shortly after our E5 showcase.

Kerbal Space Program 2 will now aim for an early 2023 release on PC. Console owners may have a significantly longer wait, however. We'll be watching out for the latest updates here at Shacknews, so follow us for any further news on Kerbal Space Program 2's ongoing development. In the meantime, you can marvel as just how much has changed by reading our first look preview... from a pre-pandemic PAX West 2019.

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