Blade Runner RPG lead designer on creating a licensed TTRPG

We take a closer look at the Blade Runner Tabletop RPG and get some insight from the Tomas Harenstam, the game's lead designer in our latest interview.


Blade Runner fans are in for a treat, as there’s an upcoming Blade Runner Tabletop RPG in development from Free League Publishing and Genuine Entertainment. The game will reportedly “propel players into the streets of Los Angeles as Blade Runners with unique specialties, personalities - and memories” according to the game’s website.

Eager to learn even more about Blade Runner TTRPG, Shacknews’ own Greg Burke recently sat down with the game’s lead designer, Tomas Harenstam, who also serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Free League Publishing.

Opening the interview, Greg asks Tomas who owns the licensing rights to Blade Runner while noting that there are many different types of rights before centering on asking about who owns the rights in the respect of a tabletop game like Blade Runner TTRPG.

Blade Runner RPG from Free League Publishing

Expanding outward to the game itself, Blade Runner TTRPG has some unique gameplay features and mechanics that help set it apart from other tabletop games. It’s also designed with approachability in mind. Touching on this specifically, Harenstam begins:

Looking at the site, there’s a note there as well about Blade Runner TTRPG rules being based around the company’s Year Zero Engine, though it’s also been “further developed and uniquely tailored from Blade Runner”. 

As a whole, the interview is enlightening when it comes to the core foundation of Blade Runner TTRPG, and what players can expect from the game.

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