Unboxing & Review: The Noble Collection Wand of Newt Scamander

Cast some spells and show your allegiance with the Wand of Newt Scamander from the Fantastic Beasts films.


The Noble Collection is known for its high quality movie replicas, with various Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts items being particularly popular. Shacknews recently had the good fortune of receiving a Wand of Newt Scamander from The Noble Collection, complete with the Collector’s Box. Take a look at the unboxing video below where Greg Burke also compares the wand to the same one that appears in another set.

The Wand of Newt Scamander is, as the name suggests, the same magical instrument that Newt uses in the Fantastic Beasts movies. This replica measures in at 15 inches or 38 centimetres. The coloring and design of this wand does match the one found in the collection of wands, however, this version also includes the gorgeous packaging and collector’s box.

One thing Burke notes is that the wand does feature copyright information on its side. Those that wish to display the wand will likely want to rotate it so that the black text is not visible during casual viewing.

There are a whole lot of items in the Noble Collection from the Fantastic Beasts series of films. Just recently, Shacknews unboxed the bendable Bowtruckle figure, a thin, plant-like creature from the movies that collectors can pose and hide all around their house.

For those that want to bring a little bit of magic into their own home, the Wand of Newt Scamander retails for $39.00 USD and can be purchased from the Noble Collection site. While you’re out there finding all sorts of goodies, make sure to pop on some more unboxing videos over on the Shacknews YouTube channel. There are plenty of videos showcasing all manner of great items.

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