Koei Tecmo joins Bandai Namco & Capcom in raising salaries throughout the company

Koei Tecmo raised its employee salaries by about 23 percent in light of positive performance throughout the previous quarters.


It’s a good time across multiple gaming companies this previous season. In what started with Capcom giving its employees substantial raises for the company’s success throughout a number of quarters, Bandai Namco followed suit and also gave raises to its employees. Finally, Koei Tecmo has joined the others, giving a 23 percent raise to its employees following its own solid performance throughout previous quarters.

Koei Tecmo reported its intention to reward its employees with raises in a press release on its Investor Relations website on April 21, 2022. The announcement states that Koei Tecmo employees were being given a 23 percent raise, working out to about an extra 73,000 yen ($569) each month for the average employee. Koei Tecmo also announced that the monthly starting pay for new employees would be raised by 56,000 yen ($436).

“We are implementing these measures in order to reward our employees for their efforts and to create a better working environment for their further growth,” the company said in its release.

Koei Tecmo’s action follows several other major gaming companies in the Asian Pacific who have given sweeping raises for similarly strong performances throughout the previous quarters. It started with Capcom giving its own employees 30 percent raises on their salaries across the company in consideration of the company achieving a 5th year of record profits. Bandai Namco then followed suit with employee raises of its own. Koei Tecmo becomes the third company to do this in very short order.

“Based on the belief that human resources are the most important asset of the Group, we have long been working on measures to improve the job satisfaction of our employees,” Koei Tecmo continued.

With Koei Tecmo and each of the other companies having done well and put out solid games throughout the last few years, it’s good to see that some of that is being passed down to the employees who helped that success happen. Stay tuned to see if Koei Tecmo is the last of these company-wide raises.

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