Elon Musk says that Tesla Optimus robot will be worth more than the car business in the long run

Tesla has ambitious plans for its Optimus robot, also known as the Tesla Bot.


With the Q1 2022 earnings report from Tesla (TSLA) out, a number of topics have been discussed in regards to various company projects, including Elon Musk stating that Tesla’s humanoid robot, Optimus, will be “worth more than the car business” and more than Full Self-Driving (FSD)

The Optimus robot was initially teased back in August of 2021 during Tesla’s AI Day, and will reportedly be more of an all-purpose machine rather than one designed for singular, specific tasks.

During his appearance at TED 2022, Musk spoke with Chris Anderson about how the bots will handle a myriad of things that people don’t want to do, or are too dangerous to do. Musk also said at TED 2022 that the cost of the Optimus robot will likely be less than that of a car.

Tech wise, the Optimus robot will use the same chips and sensors used by Tesla’s vehicles as indicated by Musk when the robot was first revealed. As for when we can expect to see more of these robots, Musk aims to begin production sometime next year in 2023.

This was emphasized in a speech Musk gave during the “Cyber Rodeo” event in Texas in celebration of Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Austin.

Elon Musk believes the Optimus robot will be worth more than the car business, and more than FSD.

All in all, it sounds like Musk is extremely confident in the Optimus robot and the sort of success it’ll see, specifically that it’ll be worth more than the car business. What do you think of this? Would you ever own one of Tesla’s Optimus robots? Let us know in Chatty, and for more on Tesla, be sure to check out our additional coverage of Tesla’s Q1 2022 report, including Musk saying Tesla’s Robo Taxi will reach volume production in 2024.

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