DayZ event Walpurgis Night returns alongside a new accessibility update

Infected witches and burning bonfires make their spooky return in the Walpurgis Night event.


A new update for DayZ is now live, bringing with it fixes and improvements to things like accessibility and crafting. Accompanying the update is a teaser trailer that runs through what DayZ players can expect from the 1.17 update and a blog post that further details the contents of the update.

Update 1.17 is live now on all platforms, with one of the key focal points of the update centered around new sensitivity settings that allow players to adjust the sensitivity of controls for things like aiming, moving, and steering. Elaborating on this further, the blog post reads:

The 1.17 update features accessibility and crafting improvements, along with things like improvements to the VOIP.

The blog post goes on to touch upon how the team looked into the VOIP and has since added some quality of life improvements to the UI including icons only being shown when transmitting, a release delay for push to talk mode, and the ability to change VOIP distance on a controller.

Accessibility improvements weren’t the only changes made, of course. When it comes to crafting, DayZ players can now make “an improvised gas mask filter, a belt out of rope, a cookware stand for a fireplace, and a whole new set of improvised clothing made out of rags.”

For more on the 1.17 update, we recommend reading through the blog post in full and checking out the forum posts that list all of the update changes and adjustments for PC and consoles. In addition to the 1.17 update, it was also announced that the Walpurgis Night event is returning, with the event set to run from April 19 to May 9.

In the blog post, a list of things returning in the Walpurgis Night event this year was shared which include:

  • Burning Stakes
  • Cauldron
  • Witch Hat
  • Witch Hood (red, black, brown)
  • Birch Broom (new feature - can be ignited)
  • Crooked Nose

With the event live as of today, April 19, infected witches and burning bonfires now appear all across the map. And as pointed out in the list of returning items, DayZ players can look forward to spooky new opportunities during this year’s Walpurgis Night event including a feature that lets you turn your Birch Broom into a weapon by setting it on fire. 

Are you looking forward to the return of the Walpurgis Night event in DayZ from April 19 to May 9? What do you think of the contents of the game’s 1.17 update? Let us know in Chatty, and for those who may be new to DayZ, be sure to read through some of our helpful guides including this one that goes over how to disable the HUD.

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