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How to disable the HUD - DayZ

If you're looking to take some nice screenshots, here's how to disable the HUD in DayZ.


DayZ is a fine-looking game in the right circumstances. After a long adventure with your pals, or even a solo walk across Chernarus, you might find yourself wanting to capture the moment with a slick screenshot. To make the most of this opportunity, removing the HUD is ideal. Here’s how you can disable the HUD in DayZ.

Disable the HUD in DayZ

Disable HUD DayZ
Wish I'd known how to disable the HUD while taking this gem.

To disable the HUD in DayZ on PC, press and hold the tilde (~) on your keyboard. If you tap the key, your hot bar at the bottom of the HUD will disappear. If you hold the tilde key, your HUD will disappear entirely, allowing you to take a proper screenshot. Just don’t forget that you need to press and hold the tilde key again when you want your HUD to return. DayZ has a lot of status icons to be mindful of, and a disabled HUD will make long-term survival much more difficult. Nobody wants to die because they bled out due to a grazing swipe from a glitchy zombie, especially when they have a backpack full of rags to bandage with.

Console players can disable their HUD by holding R1/Right Bumper + L3/Left Stick. This will hide your HUD, and you can get it back simply by accessing your inventory when you’re done. This will also allow you to take some nice screenshots to remember your adventure. No DayZ session is complete until you and your friends gather around the corpses of your downed foes to create a visual record. After all, you need proof that you got all that sweet loot, or it never really happened, did it?

Now that you know how to disable the HUD, you can check out some additional DayZ guides from Shacknews. We’ll be expanding our coverage of Chernarus throughout the year to help you get the most out of your playing time.


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