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Albinauric Rise puzzle solution - Elden Ring

Wondering how to open the Albinauric Rise tower in Elden Ring? We've got a solution to this impish problem.


The Albinauric Rise tower in Elden Ring offers a puzzle that’s a bit different to the others. Unlike other Rises, this one does not require a certain gesture or the hunting of ghostly turtles. Instead, this tower in the Consecrated Snowfield seems to indicate it needs a type of creature. Here’s exactly what you should do to access the Albinauric Rise and claim your reward.

Albinauric Rise puzzle solution

elden ring albinauric rise
The Albinauric Rise is found in the Consecrated Snowfield, which is only accessible via the Grand Lift of Rold using the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

Located in the Consecrated Snowfield, the Albinauric Rise features two ghostly imps patrolling around the tower and a statue of two imps fighting. This is your only clue for solving this puzzle. Thankfully, as you have probably worked out, this means you must make two imps fight! Let’s look at how you might achieve this.

elden ring fanged imp ashes albinauric rise
You can buy the Fanged Imp Ashes from the Isolated Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes.

To make two imps fight and unlock the Albinauric Rise, you can either use the Fanged Imp Ashes to summon your own imps and get them to fight the ghostly imps. The Fanged Imp Ashes were one of the Keepsakes from the start of the game. Alternatively, buy the Fanged Imp Ashes from the Isolated Merchant in Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes. This merchant is found by starting at the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace and following the overgrown path down south past the wolves.

elden ring bewitching branches albinauric rise
The Nomadic Merchant sells Bewitching Branches.

The other way to make two imps fight is to use a Bewitching Branch to turn one of the ghostly imps into your ally. Lead your new ally around to the other imp and watch them fight. The Bewitching Branch is quite a tough item to acquire, but five are sold by the Nomadic Merchant just north down the ravine of the Bellum Church in Liurnia of the Lakes. You can also craft one using Sacramental Bud and Miquella’s Lily.

elden ring albinauric rise imp fight
Once the imps start fighting the seal should disappear. You may need to help weaken the tough ghost imps so your pals can finish it off.

No matter which path you take, getting two imps to fight will remove the seal and unlock the Albinauric Rise tower in Elden Ring. For your efforts, you will earn the Graven-Mass Talisman, which boosts the potency of sorceries. Stop by the Shacknews Elden Ring strategy guide for more item locations and questline guides.

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