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Alexey Davydov on Time Loader - Evolving from flash to full-fledged games

Time Loader offers a fun blend of nostalgia, with meaningful player choices.


Time Loader is a nostalgic, story-driven, physics-based puzzle platformer from indie developer Flazm that lets players journey back to the 90s and play as a cute little robot working to try and prevent a tragic accident from taking place.

Curious about the game and its development, Shacknews’ own TJ Denzer sat down with Flazm studio founder Alexey Davydov to learn more about Time Loader.

The interview opens by noting that Time Loader is not only available on PC, but on consoles as well now like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. In Davydov’s opinion, it feels much more natural to play Time Loader on consoles.

Time Loader is available on PC as well as consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Touching upon some of the things that help set Time Loader apart, one of the first things players will notice is that the main character isn’t a person per se, but a robot on wheels with a handy little grabby arm attached to it.

After being asked about how the team settled on the design of the robot, Davydov explains:

Leading into the story, it centers on the main character having an accident as a child, and now as an adult is intent on going back and altering that pivotal moment.

Davydov describes the aspect of time manipulation in Time Loader as being beautiful, specifically things like being able to see a place or setting after time has passed. We definitely agree and love how time is factored into the gameplay of Time Loader.

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