Sega partnering with Gamefam to bring Sonic the Hedgehog to Roblox

A new online Sonic multiplayer game is free and available to play on Roblox right now.


In celebration of the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film hitting theaters, Sega has been working to promote everyone’s favorite blue speedster in a variety of ways. Most recently, Sega shared the news that it has partnered with developer Gamefam to release a Sonic game on Roblox.

The game is called Sonic Speed Simulator and is set up as a free-to-play open-world online multiplayer game that’s available now to anyone interested in checking the experience out. In the press release for Roblox’s Sonic Speed Simulator, the game is described as follows:

Not only is the game described as being the fastest in Roblox history, but it’s also the first time an incredibly popular, established video game character like Sonic has been officially featured in Roblox.

Adding to this, this isn’t the first ambitious project from Gamefam either, with the developer having partnered with companies like Mattel in the past to develop games like Hot Wheels Open World on Roblox. With that being said, it’s undoubtedly still a huge victory for the company to get Sega’s blessing in creating a game on Roblox like Sonic Speed Simulator.

Sonic Speed Simulator developed on Roblox is free to play and available now.

For more on Sonic Speed Simulator, check out its official page on Roblox. There, you can play the game, and give it a like to help push it closer to the 10,000-like threshold required for the community Sonic the Hedgehog skin.

And for more on Sonic in general, check out this article on Paramount’s confirmation that a third Sonic film is in development.

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