Hearthstone: Voyage to the Sunken City interview: Dredge, Colossal & the 'Sorry' emote

Ahead of this Tuesday's Hearthstone expansion, we speak to a few of the developers to learn more about Voyage to the Sunken City.


Hearthstone is about to explore uncharted waters for its newest expansion. To help kick off the Year of the Hydra, players are being introduced to Voyage to the Sunken City, 2022's first expansion. It features a handful of new mechanics, as well as a few surprises. Shortly after the expansion was first announced, we spoke to Game Designer (and brave sea captain from the expansion's reveal video) Cora Georgiou and Associate Game Designer Edward Goodwin to ask about what players can expect from this undersea journey.

Georgiou and Goodwin talk about some of the new mechanics that will be introduced in Voyage to the Sunken City. This includes the new Dredge mechanic, which will allow players to pick a card from the bottom three of their deck to move to the top. They talk about Dredge as the latest way to shuffle around cards in a player's deck, similar to what Tradeable cards from United in Stormwind have done for the game.

Plus, they talk about the introduce of Colossal minions, which are massive monstrosities that take up multiple slots on the board. We also briefly get into some of the lore behind the Naga, as well as the undersea kingdom of Azshara.

One of the most interesting questions in this interview didn't necessarily revolve around the expansion itself, but around a lost Hearthstone emote. Video Editor Greg Burke was curious about the loss of the Sorry emote.

"For whatever reason, we do still record 'I'm sorry' voice lines for hero skins when we make them," Georgiou told Shacknews. "I just want to make this very clear, no plans at this time. But, for whatever reason, we do still do it."

Hearthstone: Voyage to the Sunken City will release this Tuesday, April 12. Refresh your memory with what's coming by checking out the full Voyage to the Sunken City card list, as well as what's being added to the Core set. For more interviews like this, be sure to check out Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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