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The Easter-themed Berlin Egg Hunt event is back in Hitman 3

The Berlin Egg Hunt event is back in Hitman 3, and this time, it's permanent.


Looking for a reason to jump back into Hitman 3? The Easter-themed Berlin Egg Hunt event, which was originally part of the game’s April roadmap in 2021, is back and available now for players to dive into. Even better, the Berlin Egg Hunt is no longer a temporary event.

As noted by the announcement from IO Interactive, “It is permanent for all owners of Hitman 3 and timed for all Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack Players, concluding on May 2.”

Adding to this on social media, IO Interactive noted that they’re not yet ready with an updated roadmap, so players eagerly awaiting that information should stay tuned for that in the future. While players may be sad at the lack of a roadmap, the news that the Berlin Egg Hunt is back is nevertheless exciting to hear.

As for what the Berlin Egg Hunt event consists of, it’s an Escalation set in a Berlin nightclub, and as you might expect, is themed around the Easter holiday. Elaborating on what Hitman 3 players can expect from the Berlin Egg Hunt event now that it’s back, IO Interactive explained:

With that in mind, if you worked your way through the Berlin Egg Hunt event last year, it sounds like it’ll be similarly structured. However, it’s also exciting to hear there will be new gameplay items, unique targets, and a fresh opportunity to unlock a special suit for your inventory if you missed out on doing so when the Berlin Egg Hunt event was live last year.

The Berlin Egg Hunt event is free for Hitman 3 players and is permanent for those that own a copy of Hitman 3. If you don’t, you can still take advantage of the Berlin Egg Hunt event from now until May 2 through the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack.

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