Elden Ring hits over 200 million hours watched on streaming platforms

Stream Hatchet reports that Elden Ring has racked up an impressive 215 million hours watched in the month following its release.


In an exciting statistical breakdown from Stream Hatchet, it’s reported that Elden Ring has hit over 200 million hours watched on streaming platforms. According to Stream Hatchet, Elden Ring now boasts an impressive 215 million hours watched following its release on February 25.

The number is similarly reflected by sites like SullyGnome where Elden Ring currently sits at 2 million under that 200 million hour figure. Elden Ring racking up over 200 million hours watched is both surprising due to how quickly the game has hit that number, and unsurprising given Elden Ring’s stellar streaming presence from day one, having hit over a million concurrent viewers in its first week as noted by Stream Hatchet.

The game also breached Steam’s “top five games by peak concurrent players” with a total of 952,000 concurrent players as seen on Steam Charts.

Comparing Elden Ring’s performance to that of other FromSoftware titles, Stream Hatchet points out that Dark Souls has reached a total of 97 million hours watched on streaming platforms since its release in 2011, followed by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice which has 95 million hours watched.

If you combine the hours watched for Dark Souls and Sekiro, you’re still under the over 200 million hours watched that Elden Ring has, which is staggering to think about. It’s been clear from day one that Elden Ring is a massive success for FromSoftware, but being able to put numbers on it is undoubtedly helpful in understanding just how successful the game has been.

What do you think of Elden Ring hitting over 200 million hours watched on streaming platforms? Have you contributed to those 200 million hours watched? Let us know in Chatty! For more on Elden Ring, be sure to check out our latest guide where we walk you through approximately how long it’ll take you to beat Elden Ring.

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