Where to find Talisman Pouches - Elden Ring

Unlock all the Talisman Pouches in Elden Ring so you can equip more Talismans.


Talismans are incredibly useful items in Elden Ring and you can equip more if you find and unlock Talisman Pouches. These pouches are rewarded for reaching specific major milestones in the game, so focusing on hitting these points is critical. With all three Talisman Pouches unlocked, you’ll be able to equip a total of four Talismans, vastly improving your build.

Where to find Talisman Pouches

Talisman Pouches are rewarded after major events in Elden Ring. Each pouch you unlock will increase how many Talismans you can equip by one. With only three Talisman Pouches in the game, you will want to find them all so you can use four Talismans at once.

Margit, the Fell Omen

elden ring talisman pouch margit the fell omen
Defeating Margit will score you the first Talisman Pouch.

The first Talisman Pouch you can get is by defeating Margit, the Fell Omen in Stormveil Castle. This is one of the first bosses you can fight in Elden Ring.

Finger Reader Enia

elden ring talisman pouch enia
Enia will give you another Talisman Pouch once you return with two Great Runes.

Inside the Roundtable Hold area is an NPC called Enia, the Finger Reader. Enia is the conduit through which the Two Fingers speak. After collecting two Great Runes you can visit Enia and she will give you a Talisman Pouch.

However, if you forget to speak with Enia and progress through the storyline, you can acquire the Talisman Pouch from the Twin Maiden Husks (along with a Memory Stone and Smithing Stones).

As for reaching Roundtable Hold, this area is unlocked after defeating Margit, resting at the Liurnia of the Lakes Site of Grace, or resting at a whole lot of Sites of Grace around the Lands Between. Melina will offer to take you to the

Godfrey, First Elden Lord

After reaching Leyndell, Royal Capital and climbing the tree roots towards the Erdtree, you will encounter a golden phantom boss called Godfrey, First Elden Lord. Defeating this boss will reward you the final Talisman Pouch in Elden Ring.

Finding the three Talisman Pouches in Elden Ring will allow you to equip a total of four Talismans. This should give you more build flexibility for boss fights. Remember to also find all the Memory Stones so you can Memorize more spells! Spend some time looking over our Elden Ring strategy guide for a wealth of other useful tips!

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