Azumarill joins Pokemon Unite as its next All-Rounder this week

Coming from Generation 2 and evolved from the popular Marill, Azumarill joins Pokemon Unite's roster later this week.


Pokemon Unite esports and competition might be under way, but the roster of available pocket monsters continues to grow. TiMi Studio Group keeps on adding new and interesting Pokemon and specialized kits to the game, and with them comes fun new ways to play and synergize with teams. We’ve seen plenty of lesser-known Pokemon join the Unite roster, but this next upcoming one is quite well-known for its place in both the anime and games. Azumarill will be joining Pokemon Unite as its next melee All-Rounder, and it's coming to the game in just a couple days.

TiMi Studio Group and the Pokemon Company announced Azumarill for Pokemon Unite via the game’s Twitter and in a new YouTube video on April 4, 2022. Azumarill is the final evolved form of Marill, which was introduced in Generation 2 (Silver/Gold), and Azurill, which was introduced in Generation 3 (Ruby/Sapphire). Besides being a water/fairy type, Marill was known for its early appearance in the games and a prominent place in the animated series as one of both Tracey Sketchit and Lyra’s Pokemon. It will join the Pokemon Unite roster on April 7 on both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

In its Pokemon Unite debut, Azumarill is packing a punch as a melee All-Rounder. One of its prominent features is its barbell-like tail which it seems to have several moves for, including an AOE cone and lane strike. It also seems to be able call a rotating set of water projectiles that will spin around it, causing damage on hit in addition to its regular attacks. Finally, its Unite move seems to have it jump into the air and then crash into a targeted opponent, causing AOE damage with a watery splash.

Azumarill marks the 34th character to join the Pokemon Unite roster, following dragon and steel-type Attacker, Duraludon. With Pokemon Unite esports now underway as well, stay tuned for more news and updates on the game, right here at Shacknews.

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