Duraludon joins Pokemon Unite's roster next week

The steel/dragon type will be joining the ranged attacker squad in Pokemon Unite in mid-March.


As Pokemon Unite grows, so does its roster of playable characters and TiMi Studio Group is already prepared to put out the next Pokemon coming to the game. The next playable character is the steel/dragon-type beast known as Duraludon. It will be joining the Attackers category of Pokemon and, what’s more, Duraludon is set to launch in Pokemon Unite next week.

TiMi Studio Group revealed the first looks and release date for Duraludon in Pokemon Unite via the game’s Twitter, as well as an accompanying YouTube teaser trailer on March 8, 2022. It is set to officially join the Pokemon Unite roster on March 14, 2022.As a ranged Attacker, it would appear that Duraludon’s moveset will focus on its laser attacks. Laser Focus was teased to be in play and we see some quick beam shots, but it looks like Duraludon can batten down and put up an area of operation where it will act kind of like a turret. It also looks like its has some nasty area-of-effect attacks as it levels up. All-in-all, Duraludon looks like it will do its best work from choosing a tactical place to hunker down and barrage foes with its lasers and other abilities.

Duraludon will make the 33rd Pokemon to join the Pokemon Unite roster. Before this one was Hoopa, whom TiMi Studio Group used to celebrate Pokemon Day in Pokemon Unite. Aegislash and Trevenant were also added before that, so Duraludon is the first Pokemon in four roster releases that has broken off from a seeming ghost-type series of roster additions. What’s more, Duraludon’s turret-like aspects should make for a great tactical defensive or offensive playstyle.

With Duraludon set to release in Pokemon Unite on March 14, stay tuned for further updates on the game. We’ll have the latest on new Pokemon and competitive details as they become available, right here at Shacknews.

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