Master Chief set to look sus as the newest Among Us skin

Innersloth and 343 confirmed the arrival of Spartan armor to the internet's favorite game of betrayal.


While everyone was sitting at home during the pandemic in 2020, a small indie game that had been floating in limbo caught a spark and quickly became the hottest thing going. Among Us is as simple as it is devious and continues to ruin friendships. Players can swap skins to customize their ship passenger and Innersloth and 343 Industries have confirmed that the Halo Spartan armor is the next cosmetic bundle available for Among Us.

The Halo content for Among Us will be exclusive to players in the Xbox ecosystem and those who purchased the game from the Microsoft Store. The package includes a Spartan Helmet, Spartan Armor, and a Guilty Spark Pet. The team at Innersloth also confirmed that users with linked accounts who collect this Spartan pack will be able to equip it on linked platforms.

The Halo-themed cosmetics for Among Us are available today. Innersloth also confirmed that today also brings along the promised Ratchet & Clank cosmetic collection for Among Us owners within the PlayStation ecosystem. Even crazier, a set of cosmetics tied to the Scream movie franchise is also arriving in Among Us today. 

If you’ve been putting off hopping back into Among Us lately because you didn’t have any fresh threads, now is the time to return. We expect to see some brutal betrayals from thousands of players with freshly-acquired Spartan Helmets and Scream masks.

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