Earthworm Jim 2 and more join the Nintendo Switch Online library

It's time for a hit of nostalgia as Dig Dug 2, Mappy-Land, and Earthworm Jim 2 make their way to the catalog.


The Nintendo Switch Online library of NES and SNES games continues to grow. Fans of the retro consoles will be pleased to hear that a few more games have joined the ranks, with Earthworm Jim 2, Dig Dug 2, and Mappy-Land now available to play on the Big N’s console.

Announced via the Nintendo of America Twitter account on March 30, 2022, the three games are now available to play on the Nintendo Switch. These titles are part of the Nintendo Switch Online library of SNES and NES games, which has been expanding ever since its introduction.

Earthworm Jim 2 was originally released for the Super NES in November of 1995 in North America. The game follows the titular character, Earthworm Jim, as he seeks to save Princess What’s-Her-Name. The game expanded upon the original’s run-and-gun formula with more mechanics and variety within the levels.

On the NES side of the coin we have Dig Dug 2 and Mappy-Land. Dig Dug 2 is a markedly different experience to the original, taking place above ground with an overhead perspective. Though not nearly as popular as the first title in the series, fans will no doubt be pleased to have this one added to the library.

As for Mappy-Land, since its release in North America in April of 1989, the game has been brought to the Wii U Virtual Console and now the Nintendo Switch Online library. The gameplay sees players collecting items and avoiding enemies as they work through various levels.

Nintendo’s online catalog of retro titles continues to grow. The inclusion of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack saw the addition of Nintendo 64 titles added to the platform, with standouts including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and F-Zero X, among a wealth of others.

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