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Where to get the Ringed Finger - Elden Ring

Discover the Ringed Finger in Elden Ring, a hammer that is a literal giant finger with a bunch of rings on it.


There are a lot of unique armaments in Elden Ring, but one of the strangest is the Ringed Finger. This massive hammer is exactly what it sounds like: a finger with a bunch of rings on it. For players that want a unique weapon, finding the Ringed Finger is something worth doing.

Where to get the Ringed Finger

The Ringed Finger is located in the Gelmir Hero’s Grave. This is a dungeon in the north of the Lands Between, between Mt Gelmir and the Altus Plateau. This is a mid- to late-game location, which means it might take quite a while before you can get to it. As for actually getting to this dungeon, you’ll need to work your way around the mountain, by traveling along the northern road of the Altus Plateau.

elden ring gelmire heros grave ringed finger

Once you’ve located the Gelmir Hero’s Grave, go inside. The Ringed Finger is located in a chest at the bottom of the first lava and chariot obstacle. To reach it, begin by going down the slope, avoiding the chariot by using the side rooms. When you reach the end of the path, you must walk or roll down the lava instead of taking a left into the dungeon.

elden ring gelmir heros grave lava
Make your way to the bottom of the path, and then walk down the lava to the very bottom.

Walk down the lava and around the corner at the bottom. You will see a tunnel with a room at the end of it, inside which is the chest. Get to the chest, open it up, and claim the Ringed Finger.

elden ring ringed finger
Go around the corner to the left and into the next room to get your Ringed Finger.

If you’re having trouble getting down the lava, remember to keep using your Sacred Flask to heal. You can also craft some items that will boost your Fire Resistance and equip armor with a higher fire rating. Rolling also seems to make you move faster than walking.

elden ring ringed finger moves
The unique skill is called Claw Flick. Give your enemies the flick!

With the Ringed Finger found and equipped, you can start giving your enemies the flick. Literally. Its special Ash of War causes the finger to swell and then flick at enemies. It is certainly an interesting weapon, though, how useful it is in combat is up to you. Stop by our Elden Ring strategy guide for more guides and the latest news.

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