Celeste's first 100% deathless run has been recorded

It reportedly took the runner around 600 hours of practice to get their perfect run of Celeste right


Celeste is not an easy game. It takes some pretty twitch platforming reflexes, especially when it comes to some of the bonus content and levels. Dying is pretty much a given as you power through the adventure, which is why the respawning is fairly forgiving. That said, there has finally been a recorded instance of someone getting through the entire game without even a single retry.

This amazing 100 percent deathless run of Celeste was recorded by Twitch and Twitter user Rickfernello, who recorded their perfect run over on Twitch across a livestream running just over four hours long. Throughout the run, Rickfernello displays an amazing grasp of the game’s platforming, conquering stage after stage without a single deathly mistake, including the bonus Chapter 9 and B-Side levels. 100 percent means 100 percent, and according to Rickfernello, it took around 600 hours of playing and practicing every single part of the game over the course of a year to get to this level of perfection across a run of the entire game.

This is quite the achievement to say the least. Speedrunners are always coming up with interesting ways to beat their favorite games in as short a time as possible. Even so, despite the fact that Celeste has been out since 2018, there hasn’t been a recorded deathless 100 percent run of the game up to this point (for good reason as such a task is monumental as Rickfernello’s practice shows). Nonetheless, this achievement is just another cool thing to add to the already wonderful history of Celeste, on which the creator recently shared that the game was a metaphor for their own dealings with gender identity.

With such an amazing accomplishment now in the books, Rickfernello has achieved a major accolade in Celeste. Now, it remains to be seen if anyone is capable of doing it faster.

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