DeepWell Game Jam for mental health and wellness announced at GDC 2022

Developers are challenged to submit entries that prove the power of games in addressing mental health issues in a positive way.


At GDC, Devolver Digital and DeepWell Digital Therapeutics co-founder Mike Wilson announced a new Global Game Jam centered around the subject of mental health. The DeepWell Game Jam, which will take place from May 1 through May 22, tasks developers with creating “games to prove the power of games in positively addressing mental health issues.”

The announcement includes three bullet points in regards to what the Game Jam is expecting from participating developers, including:

  1. Demonstrate how video game themes and mechanics can be utilized as treatment mechanisms
  2. Help dispel misconceptions and social stigma related to openly discussing and addressing mental health issues
  3. Build community that works to connect and support those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression

If you’re interested in participating, the DeepWell Game Jam begins May 1 and ends May 22. Participants can join at any point between May 1 and May 22. To participate, you’ll first need to register using this GGJ form.

One of the many exciting aspects about the DeepWell Game Jam that participants can look forward to is that all games created for it will be promoted on the GGJ’s page. There will also reportedly be prizes for the top games, though specific details regarding the awards that will be given out have yet to be shared.

For those curious about DeepWell Digital Therapeutics, it’s a new developer and publisher from Devolver Digital co-founder Mike Wilson created alongside Ryan Douglas, a roboticist and former Nextern CEO. DeepWell aims to create and publish games that can be both used and even prescribed to treat mental health issues.

As noted in the announcement, DeepWell has a board of advisors that includes doctors and medical professionals, along with members of the gaming industry.

Overall, we’re looking forward to seeing what sort of games come out of the DeepWell Game Jam, along with what else DeepWell Digital Therapeutics (DTx) has in the works. For more on DeepWell be sure to read through our previous news article about DeepWell.

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