Apple Studio Display has 64GB of storage capacity, only uses 2GB

Apple's latest display comes with a pile of embedded memory, though most of it may be inaccessible to the end-user.


Each year the tech world gets to ogle at all the newest products from the biggest names in the industry. One such giant is Apple, creators of the iPhone and modern gatekeepers of the application store. Apple's newest Studio Display has been making headlines since it debuted alongside the new Mac Studio PC. Some early adopters have noted that the Studio Display comes with 64GB of storage embedded into the unit, though only 2GB of the total capacity is accessible by the end-user.

The Apple Studio Display was shown off to the world last week during the Apple Peek Performance digital event. It didn’t take long before one eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed an oddity with the Studio Display’s memory configuration.

The Studio Display contains the same A13 Bionic SoC that makes up the heart of the iPhone 11 series, as well as the 9th-generation iPad family. It would seem that Apple may have taken advantage of the economies of scale provided by its global iPhone production network and opted to outfit each of these new monitors with the same internal guts as its popular mobile devices.

As far as why 64GB of memory was used instead of the 2GB allotted, it probably came down to the 64GB option being the most cost-effective solution. The Studio Display doesn’t offer functionality beyond acting as a USB hub with speakers, so there isn’t a real reason to offer the full storage amount to the customer. Could this monitor have been cheaper with what amounts to an iPhone embedded inside? Possibly, but that’s a question that only Apple could answer.

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