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Apple TV app removes rent and buy options from Android TV and Google TV

Stop us if you've heard this one before, but the sticking point may be over commission fees.


Not everybody owns an Apple TV, so it's been a nice convenience that users of other smart TVs could purchase or rent movies and TV shows through the Apple TV app. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that will be an option going forward. Android TV and Google TV devices no longer offer a Rent or Buy option on the Apple TV app, meaning the only way to officially rent or buy from Apple's storefront for the moment is through official Apple devices.

As noted by Apple Insider, the Apple TV app is available to download across a wide range of non-Apple devices. However, bringing up a movie or TV show will now display a "How to Watch" button, instead of rent or buy prompts. Clicking the button directs the user to purchase or rent that specific piece of media through an iPhone, an iPad, or "other streaming devices."

For now, this does not affect Apple TV+. That's a good thing, since Apple announced a handful of new content for the service earlier this month, including its first jump into live sports. Plus, anything previously purchased through Android or Google TVs on the Apple TV app can still be viewed through those devices.

As for why this is happening now, that's unknown. Apple Insider is speculating that it could be over Google's 30 percent commission fee on in-app purchases through its platform. Yes, it's the sort of thing that helped launched the massive Apple vs. Epic Fortnite war and while the removal of rent or buy options likely won't have the same widespread effect on the tech and gaming worlds, it's worth noting that larger tech companies are becoming more cognizant of who's getting cuts of what. These are stories worth keeping an eye on, so we'll be watching what's happening here at Shacknews. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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