SNK's nastiest boss ever is coming to King of Fighters XV for free

Omega Rugal was one of Capcom vs SNK 2's two nightmarish secret bosses and SNK is bringing that cheese over to KOF XV.


Rugal is a longstanding name in the King of Fighters series. He has been an off-and-on main villain of SNK fighting games since King of Fighters ’94. However, his most notorious appearance was in Capcom vs SNK 2 as a secret boss, Omega Rugal. About as cheap as a cheap fighting game boss gets, SNK is still bringing him back. Omega Rugal is coming to King of Fighters XV in April and, what’s more, he’ll be free DLC.

SNK announced Omega Rugal as free DLC for King of Fighters XV with a new KOF trailer on March 21, 2022. Slated for a free update on April 14, 2022, Omega Rugal is going to be arriving in King of Fighters XV free of charge. Players will likely only need to update the game and claim him. Rugal is coming in alongside premium DLC teams such as the Garou Team, which is out now, and the South Town team, which is coming soon.

When players do get their hands on Omega Rugal, they’ll have one of the most notorious SNK bosses at their disposal. He features an character-tall projectile that is the Kaiser Wave, a rushing grab attack, an excellent anti-air double kick, and more. All of that seems to be remaining intact for Omega Rugal, although we expect SNK probably scaled back a bit of what he can do as not to completely and shamelessly dominate the entire rest of the roster with relative ease.

King of Fighters XV was a well-balanced and fantastically fun step forward for the 2.5D era of the franchise, as shared in our Shacknews review. It’s also being included in the upcoming EVO 2022 line-up. With Rugal confirmed for free release in April, stay tuned to see how he affects the game.

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