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GameStop discloses 8.9 million GME directly registered shares at Computershare

Today's GameStop (GME) earnings report showed that the company had registered quite a few shares at Computershare


Today GameStop (GME) held their Q4 2021 earnings reports and with it came a number of notable information for investors and consumers alike. One of the more interesting details to come out of the Q4 2021 earnings report was the fact that the company had 8.9 million shares of their stock directly registered at Computershare.

GameStop registered an additional 3.7 Million shares with Computershare.
GameStop registered an additional 3.7 Million shares with Computershare.

The information comes directly from GameStop’s own earnings report. Computershare is a company that handles tracking of investor’s accounts and records. Previously, GameStop had 5.2 million shares registered with Computershare, so this bumps it up a whopping 3.7 million. The reason that the 8.9 million directly registered stocks is so noteworthy is due to the fact that rumors have been spreading for quite some time that there may be more GME stocks being sold publicly than actually exist. By registering their stocks directly with Computershare, it means that where they end up and the actual number of shares has an easily traceable trail. The DRS also prevents stocks from being lent to short sellers, meaning investors that do register are more likely to have diamond hands. The more that people register their GME stocks with Computershare, the more information they’ll have on the float and the more likely those rumors are to be squashed or even possibly confirmed.

As of the writing of this article more than ten percent of the float had been registered with Computershare, but that number could of course go up depending on how many investors choose to register in the future. This seems like a smart move for GameStop as they continue to work towards legitimizing the massive leap GME stock has taken over the last year or so. This wasn’t the only bit of news to come from today’s earnings report. GameStop was able to beat revenue expectations and PowerUp Rewards Pro memberships were up 32% in Q4 2021. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest GameStop news as it comes through. In the meantime, power to the players.

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