Paint the Town Red devs talk about turning a game jam idea into a smash hit

Being a small team of three provides a lot of challenges when it comes to developing a game for consoles.


There are fantastic games coming from all corners of the globe, and Paint the Town Red is from a small place you might have heard of: Australia. In fact, the blokes at South East Games hail from the sunshine state, Queensland. Shacknews recently had the pleasure of speaking with Matthew Carr and Shane Carr about Paint the Town Red and how it went from a game jam idea to a fully-fledged hit.

In Paint the Town Red, it’s just you, a weapon, and plenty of voxel-based enemies to dismember as you see fit. The game features various locations to fight in, including a biker bar, prison, disco and more. It also features co-op and a tough roguelike mode on PC. It’s seen quite a lot of praise since its conception and the team at South East Games worked hard to bring it to console.

During our chat with Lead Games Programmer Matthew Car and the Art Director Shane Carr, the two shed a bit of light onto the challenges that developers face bringing a game to the myriad of consoles currently available. While the netcode side of things is easier, the real challenge comes with optimization whereby, as Matthew puts it, you sometimes need to tear a game down to build it back up.

The whole interview offers a wealth of knowledge and a peek behind the curtain at the development side of video games. Definitely take a look at it and then head over to Steam where Paint the Town Red sits at an “Overwhelmingly Positive” review rating. Players can now pick up the game on console too, so keep an eye on your preferred store. For more exclusive developer interviews, make sure you subscribe to the GamerHubTV YouTube channel.

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