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How to find the shield - Tunic

You won't get far in Tunic without a shield, but finding one can be difficult. Shacknews is here to help.


If you thought the sword in Tunic was difficult to find, that's just half of the equation. You're going to find out quickly that you won't get much farther without the game's shield, but this can be exceptionally tricky to find and you might go around in circles a lot. Fortunately, Shacknews is here to help.

How to find the shield - Tunic

After surviving the East Forest, you're going to find yourself back where you started with no leads on where to go next. If you go left at the first save point and head north, you'll find a cave hidden in a waterfall and that's where you'll find the shield... sitting behind a locked gate. So, then, how do you get it?

From the first save point (pictured in the header), hang a left and walk across the bridges until you find a spyglass. Your goal will ultimately be the locked door directly underneath it, but the trick is finding the key. Go southeast of the locked door, where you'll find an open gate leading to a spiral staircase. Dispose of the enemies in your way, as you'll soon find another set of stairs.

How to find the shield - Tunic

At the bottom of those stairs, you'll find a sword enemy, as well as a hulking guard wielding a staff and a shield. Notice that in front of that large enemy is the key that you need. Do not attempt to go toe-to-toe with this enemy! This foe is extremely powerful and without the shield, it will take you down fast. You can't just pick up the key and run, either, because the enemy will strike as you're attempting to grab it. Instead, dig into your inventory and use firecrackers. Two should do the trick, leaving the key ripe for the taking.

Now take the key back to the locked door under the spyglass. It looks like you've entered a normal house, but there's an opening in the back. That opening will lead you to the other side of that gate you saw earlier. Congratulations! You've found the shield!

Now you have the shield in Tunic, which should prepare you for a long adventure ahead. Keep it here on Shacknews and watch the Tunic topic page, as we look to guide you through this exciting journey.

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