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How to find the sword - Tunic

It's dangerous to go alone, but you're going to have to work to find the sword in Tunic.


If you're a young person... or fox... or whatever and you're wearing a tunic, then you probably know that it's dangerous to go alone. However, while The Legend of Zelda passes its hero his signature weapon, Tunic does no such thing. You'll have to look around for a sword and given the dangers lurking in this world, you'll probably want to find it sooner than later. Fortunately, Shacknews is here to assist.

How to find the sword - Tunic

How to find the sword - Tunic

At the start of Tunic, you're going to find a stick, which should get you through a few minutes before realizing that you're going to need better weaponry for this adventure. The sword, however, can be tricky to find, especially with most of the game's tutorials coming in the world's native tongue. If you're lost, here's what you do.

From the game's first save point, hang a left and walk across the bridge. You'll find a key. Now go back towards where you found the stick at the start of the game. You'll find a locked door that will take the key. Enter that door and take the piece of the instruction manual to help guide you. Go out the exit on the other side.

After exiting, go up the ladders and then hang a right, which should take you to the East Belltower. Instead of going up the giant staircase, which will lead nowhere for now, follow the path to the right of it. Go down the ladder, where you'll find a save point. It should be noted that you'll fall down the ladder, meaning this will be a point of no return, at least for the moment.

Now you're in the East Forest and this might as well be called the Lost Woods for how easy it is to lose your way. Explore the main path and you'll soon find another save point. From that save point go southeast, making sure to go around the structure entrance to the corner exit. This will take you to the Path to Hero's Grave. Defeat the enemies here and go down the only available path to you. Look out for the enemies and their projectiles. After dealing with them, you'll find a locked gate being guarded by a sword-wielding foe. Carefully combat this baddie, since you're still only wielding a stick, and go around the stairs to the switch. Go through the open gate and walk around the grass, where you'll find the sword waiting for you.

Now you have the sword in Tunic, but your journey is only just beginning. Keep it here on Shacknews and watch the Tunic topic page, as we'll attempt to help you through the start of this adventure.

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