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How to pause Elden Ring

Typically, FromSoftware and Soulsborne games can't be paused. Is that the case in Elden Ring? Perhaps not entirely.


There’s an argument to be had by FromSoftware fans and players as to whether or not games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne should have a pause feature. Many of them have not allowed pausing even when playing offline. Elden Ring is almost no exception. Technically, there is no specific pause feature for the game. That doesn’t stop players from figuring it out though. Here are a few ways you can pause Elden Ring.

How to pause Elden Ring with mods

The Elden Ring pause mod exists over on Nexus mods and should be updated along with the PC version of the game.

This one’s a bit more on the cheeky side, but it will at least remain a more stable option, considering modders can keep their game up to date with Elden Ring’s latest patches and updates. All of that aside, there is a mod for PC players to pause Elden Ring. Created by TechieW, it can be found over on Nexus Mods and allows for pausing of the game via the ‘P’ key by default. There are a couple of drawbacks. First, this is confined to PC. Console players won’t be able to access this mod. Secondly, it requires messing with the game’s anti-cheat and playing offline. The first will be at your own risk and could result in a ban. The second is simply common sense. You can’t use this mod if you’re playing co-op or PVP. Nonetheless, it’s likely to be updated with the game, and so it should be an option for the foreseeable future. Be sure to read the instructions on Nexus Mods carefully and know the risks of modding before you attempt to use it.

How to pause Elden Ring without mods

This is a recently discovered method from the power community, and particularly Twitter user Iron Pineapple. It requires using the Menu Explanation feature that can be found on several menus in the game. Menu Explanation can be found by accessing the map, then hitting the map again, and selecting the Menu Explanation option. The Menu Explanation option can also be found on the Inventory screen by opening it, hitting the Help button, and selecting Menu Explanation from the menu that pops up. Both of these will stop the action dead in its tracks, though again if you’re playing online in co-op or PVP, it won’t. This is a method that can be used regardless of what platform you’re on. That said, it can also be considered an exploit. There’s no telling if FromSoftware will continue to let this method exist for long once further patches and updates land.

That covers how to pause in Elden Ring for the time being. We will update this article with relevant new details as they become available. Stay tuned and be sure to check out our Elden Ring strategy guide to help you in your journey.

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