Apex Legends Season 12 - Defiance finally reworks the game's worst character

Most players agree Crypto has been at the barrel bottom of the Apex Legends roster for a while. Season 12 may change that.


Among all of the characters in the Apex Legends roster, Crypto… kind of sucks. Sure, a good player can still utilize him, but having to go stationary to provide details through his drone has always presented a unique weakness for Crypto that other characters simply don’t have. Respawn Entertainment has recognized this too, and in Apex Legends Season 12 - Defiance, it’s finally doing something about it. In addition to all the new content, new characters, modes, and map, Crypto is also getting a rework.

The details on Crypto’s rework were shared in a press event developer panel dedicated to details and reveals on Apex Legends Season 12 - Defiance. We’re about to get a lot of cool stuff in the new season, not the least of which is new Legend Mad Maggie, a revamped Olympus map, and a new limited-time mode called Control. However, one of the key reveals of this panel was also the upcoming revamp of Crypto. No longer will he be forcibly tied down to personally flying his drone for it to be effective. Now it will fly around on its own to collect info.

Just being able to get info from his drone without having to fly it should make Crypto more versatile, but there’s more. If he does decide to personally pilot it, the information his Drone provides has been expanded to include more so that Crypto gains further useful details for the risk of remaining stationary. All in all, these changes to Crypto should make him less of a dead leg on the fast-moving battlefields of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 12 - Defiance is set to kick off on February 8, 2022. Stay tuned for further upcoming details and coverage as we get closer to the new season’s launch date and the content that comes with it.

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