How to revive - Halo Infinite

Learn how to revive in Halo Infinite so you can get your teammates back into the fight in Attrition.


Reviving players in Halo Infinite is an extremely important mechanic. The new Attrition game mode asks players to revive their teammates, which is going to be a problem if you don’t know how. Though it’s not a difficult mechanic, there are some nuances worth considering before you go trying revive an ally.

How to revive

The new Attrition game mode in Halo Infinite has introduced a revive mechanic. When you are out of lives and your ally dies, you will see them leave behind a large orb. At this point, you can bring them back by reviving them. 

To revive in Halo Infinite, approach your teammate’s orb and hold the interact button. On Xbox it will be the X button and on PC it will be the E key. While you’re reviving your ally, you will be unable to move or shoot. This means you will want to ensure you are safe before you attempt to revive.

halo infinite revive orbs
Watch your enemy's orbs to make sure they are not being revived.

While you are reviving, you will take reduced damage. If you are revived, you will spawn back in with a stronger shield than normal, but only for a moment. What all of this means is that you can take a couple more hits before dying provided you’re reviving an ally. It also means that as soon as you revive, you should try and take advantage of the shield.

In the event you are the one trying to prevent a revive, be aware of the damage reduction. You will really need to lay into the enemy player that is attempting the revive. Consider lobbing in an additional grenade and team-shooting as best as you can. If the player is revived, try to avoid a direct fight while they have the added protection.

The new revive mechanic in Halo Infinite is easy to understand and easier still to perform. Just roll up to your ally’s orb and hold the button that appears on-screen. Keep in mind that you will be unable to move or shoot while doing this, though you do appear to take reduced damage. Grappleshot over to our Halo Infinite page for more guides to help you become the best Spartan.

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