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How Attrition works - Halo Infinite

Learn about Halo Infinite's new elimination mode, Attrition.


Attrition is a brand new game mode in Halo Infinite. With a set amount of lives as well as a revive and sudden death mechanic, players no doubt want to know how Attrition works. More importantly, it’s worth knowing the strategies that will lead your team to victory.

How Attrition works

Simply put, Attrition is a best-of-three rounds elimination-style game mode in Halo Infinite. Each team will have a set number of lives, with the goal being to kill opponents until they run out. There is one catch: once a team is out of lives, they can start reviving each other. What this means is you must deplete the enemy stock of lives and then have all of them dead at once.

halo infinite attrition rules
In this image, my team has one life left while the other team has none. The enemy team also has three people down.

At the start of the game, each team will have 8 lives. Once a team loses all eight lives, they can only respawn if a teammate revives them. Make sure you know how to revive in Halo Infinite. You can continue to be revived, even if you’ve been revived previously.

When you’ve whittled your enemy team down to the revive state, you should hover around their revive orbs whenever you kill them. This will ensure you can prevent your opponent from reviving their allies.

Similarly, if you are down to the revive state, you should try and push the enemy team off of your ally’s orb. Throw grenades, apply pressure, and then revive your teammate when you are able to. Remember, you cannot move and revive at the same time.

halo infinite attrition danger zone
If you are on the wrong side of the Danger Zone you will take a lot of damage.

One last thing to know is that when both teams are down to revive-only, the game will initiate the Danger Zone. This is a zone that closes in, similar to zones in battle royale games. If you are on the outside of the red zone, you will take continual damage. The zone will shrink, forcing all players into a smaller area.

Halo Infinite’s Attrition game mode offers players a more intense deathmatch. With only a handful of lives to go around, managing your stock of lives and eliminating your foes is going to require a balanced approach. Be sure to check out our Halo Infinite page for more guides and tips.

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