Rainbow Six Siege moves onto its third creative director in six years

Leroy Athanassoff is exiting Rainbow Six Siege's creative director role to work elsewhere within Ubisoft as art director Alex Karpazis takes over.


Rainbow Six Siege’s leadership is seeing its second leadership shuffle in the slightly more than six years it’s been out. Original creative director Xavier Marquis left the position in 2020 as Leroy Athanassoff took over for him. Now, Athanassoff is also exiting Rainbow Six Siege’s creative director position. Art director Alexander Karpazis is set to step up to the role in his place for the foreseeable future.

The Rainbow Six Siege leadership shift was announced in an Ubisoft blog post on January 10, 2022, with Karpazis confirming on his personal Twitter moments later. According to the post, soon-to-be-former Rainbow Six Siege creative director Leroy Athanassoff is moving out of the position to pursue a different role within Ubisoft. With his exit, Alex Karpazis is moving up from his role as art director to take over in Athanassoff’s stead. Karpazis has apparently been prepped for this role, referring to Athanassoff as his mentor leading up to the shift. Moreover, Athanassoff teased that this may very well not be the last time he has his hands in the ongoing business of Rainbow Six Siege.

Alex Karpazis will be the third creative director that Rainbow Six Siege has had since it first launched in November 2015. Xavier Marquis and Alexander Remy were the game’s original directors until early 2020. Like Athanasoff now in 2022, they also moved onto different projects within the Ubisoft company. However, Marquis has since moved on from Ubisoft altogether and is now over at Amazon as its creative director where he has been since late 2020 according to his LinkedIn profile.

Nonetheless, Athanassoff sounds like he is less likely to completely detach from Rainbow Six Siege even as Karpazis takes over the creative director role from him. Stay tuned as we continue to cover further Rainbow Six Siege content, right here at Shacknews.

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