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Dead by Daylight dev talks creating new killers and designing perks

Dead by Daylight's Dave Richard sheds some light on what goes into designing a killer like The Artist.


Dead by Daylight continues to grow and expand, and the latest chapter, with its new killer, survivor and map, takes this to an entirely new level. To celebrate the release of Portrait of a Murder, which includes a killer called The Artist, we wanted to sit down and chat about all things Dead by Daylight. Lucky for us, we got to speak with Creative Director Dave Richard about adding new killers, designing within constraints, and the process of creating new perks. Please, check out the interview below!

One element of Dead by Daylight that offers players unique experiences and gameplay options is the perk system. Getting to try out new perks is always exciting, but the process of getting them into the game is equally intriguing. The team tends to start with dozens of perk ideas thanks to a team whose only focus is coming up with new perks. From here, the team will hone in on a handful to playtest. Then it’s on to refinements to ensure they play well within the sandbox.

When it comes to adding new killers, while players love the fan service that comes with introducing an established killer from horror films and TV, there are certain boundaries that exist for the developers. For instance, a killer might already have a set style that the developers have to work within. However, when designing a new killer, it is the designers who set the constraints that the team must work within.

We here at Shacknews love Dead by Daylight. In fact, it won the Shacknews Most Improved Game of 2021 award. For a game that was already an incredible experience, what the team managed to deliver in 2021 raised it to new heights. If you’re a fan of Dead by Daylight, make sure you stop by the GamerHubTV YouTube channel where you’ll find even more interviews with the developers. There’s also the official Shacknews YouTube channel where you can discover exclusive gameplay and more.

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