Shacknews Best Gaming Accessory of 2021 - Fanatec CSL DD Wheelbase

Fanatec has brought the price of direct-drive force feedback to the masses, potentially kicking off a new golden era for sim racing.


When it came down to selecting the best gaming accessory of 2021, we had to take a bit of time to figure out just what had come along this year during all the supply chain disruptions and other COVID-19 delays. We settled on the Fanatec CSL DD Wheelbase for several reasons.

First off, direct-drive force feedback systems are the future of racing sim hardware and the CSL DD is the first product to bring this new technology to a pricepoint that the masses can reach. Previously in the $2000 and higher range, racing buffs can now grab one of these wheel podiums for less than $350. Fanatec is also producing a Gran Tourismo bundle for early 2022 that brings this tech to next-gen consoles.

As more gamers flock towards the sim-focused offerings that have been growing in popularity in recent years, the availability of semi-affordable enthusiast hardware will be a boon for the future of racing games. When paired with a stable frame, seat, wheel, and shifting device, these Fanataec podium bases can offer levels of feedback and resistance that can make them virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. From offering haptic feedback delicate enough to transfer the feeling of driving over a small pebble on the tarmac to enough torque to jerk wheels from hands during high-intensity collisions, the CSL DD Wheelbase puts you as close to being in a car as possible in 2021.

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