Destiny 2's The Dawning holiday event features its first-ever Stasis Sword

It's that special time of the year when Guardians bake cookies made from the ingredients of fallen foes.


The Dawning is Destiny 2’s end of year event that has players baking cookies and getting into the holiday cheer. While previous years have offered Machine Guns and other neat weapons, this year players can get their hands on Zephyr, Destiny 2’s first-ever Stasis Sword.

Announced over on in a neat video (which you can see above), The Dawning is set to last from December 14, 2021 until January 4, 2022. This gives players three weeks to get in, collect some Dawning ingredients, bake some cookie, and unlock the Zephyr Stasis Sword.

This is the first time Destiny 2 has received a Stasis Sword and, according to, Zephyr can roll with some appealing perks. There are the usual suspects like Tireless Blade and Thresh, but there’s also Duelist’s Trance which increases charge rate, efficiency and defense on Sword final blows, and Cold Steel, a perk that slows targets when you hit ‘em with a Powered attack.

Beyond the Stasis Sword, there’s also a ship and Sparrow to unlock, a new ornament set to purchase from Eververse, and plenty of cookies to bake and deliver. Make sure you hop in and have some fun (and throw a snowball at Lord Shaxx for me) and also stop by our Destiny 2 Guide for more support and information.

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