Ludwig is leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming

Ludwig's announcement video also pokes fun at Twitch's music licensing and DMCA woes.


Ludwig Ahgren, a streamer known for his content creation over on Twitch, has announced today that he is joining YouTube Gaming where he will be streaming exclusively. The announcement was made in a rather cheeky sketch video where he and a friend discuss a variety of random topics while driving in a purple car, before switching to a red one that is “pretty much the same one”.

Announced on Twitter, Ludwig Ahgren’s video offers a rather tongue-in-cheek reveal that he is leaving the Twitch streaming platform to stream exclusively on YouTube Gaming on November 30.

In the video, Ludwig chats with a friend as they drive about in a purple car before parking and getting out. Shortly thereafter, the purple car explodes, but luckily for them a red vehicle is close by. It doesn’t take a genius to crack the delightfully cheeky symbolism here. Purple is Twitch’s iconic color and red is YouTube’s.

The announcement video also throws a little jab at Twitch’s recent DMCA issues surrounding unlicensed music. In the sketch, the friend can be heard asking, “Wait, don’t you get in trouble for playing music?” to which Ludwig responds, “Not in this car.” It would seem that a big selling point for streaming on YouTube Gaming likely has to do with music and how streamers can utilize it during their shows.

Back in April of this year, Ludwig set a new Twitch subscriber record after completing a 31-day subathon. It remains to be seen whether or not he attempts something similar over on YouTube Gaming.

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