Street Fighter 5 releases Luke, the final DLC character, next week

The end of the line is here for Street Fighter 5's DLC characters, as Luke comes to the game next week.


Before sending everyone away for the Thanksgiving holiday, Capcom held a special livestream for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. This is the one to help officially wrap up the game's long line of DLC by revealing more about the game's last character, Luke.

The Street Fighter 5 Fall Update stream revealed new story elements for Luke, who was first revealed back in August, and helped shape exactly what led him to the Street Fighter 5 roster.

The stream also focused on Luke's various moves. He's a more offensive mid-range fighter whose moves all hit while advancing forward. This applies to his standard moves, special moves, and Crush Counters. His special moves include the Sand Blaster projectile and Rising Rocket anti-air. His Avenger dash can transition into two different special moves, one of which is a strong overhead. His Flash Knuckle should get the attention of King of Fighters players, as it's used mainly as a powerful combo opener that can string into several different combos.

Luke's V-Skill I is Hard Shot, which will enhance his Flash Knuckle and charge it up immediately without holding down a button. Holding down the button with the enhanced Flash Knuckle will make it even more powerful and lead to hard knockdowns. His V-Skill II is Suppressor, which sees Luke take a step back and hard counter any attempted throws. Suppressor can also be canceled into special moves. Luke's V-Trigger I is Fully Armed, which gives him access to his Rock Smasher triple projectile and Thermobaric Thrash, which is executed from EX Sand Blaster. His V-Trigger II is Vanguard, which allows him to cancel between Flash Knuckles of different angles and strengths, including the Hard Shot from his V-Skill I.

Luke marks the end of the road for Street Fighter 5's long line of DLC characters. With his arrival, the roster is now officially complete. Look for Luke to come to Street Fighter 5 this Monday, November 29.

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