The Jokers win the 2021 World of Tanks North America Blitz Cup

The smoke has cleared and only one team is left standing in the 2021 World of Tanks North America Blitz Cup.


This past weekend, the top four World of Tanks Blitz teams in North America got together and competed to be the best in the region. After an intense few days of action, one team is left standing in the 2021 Blitz Cup for North America and that's the [JKR] Jokers.

The Jokers were ultimately able to prevail against [PRAMO] Battle Buddies. These two teams actually met multiple times, starting with the first day. The Jokers knocked the Battle Buddies into the lower bracket early on in the weekend by a fairly decisive 4-1 margin. However, the Battle Buddies scrapped all the way back to the championship round and kept things much closer. However, the Jokers could not be stopped, as they ultimately won the tournament by a 5-3 score.

As noted late last week, the Jokers get a significant chunk of the prize pool for their victory. They go home with $25,000 USD, 10 million credits, 24,000 gold, 200,000 Free XP, and a unique clan logo. The runner-up Battle Buddies will receive $15,000, 8 million credits, 18,000 gold, 170,000 Free XP, and a unique clan logo. The [RGN] Reign finished in third place, while the [PURPL] Leverage rounded things out in fourth place.

Only one regional tournament remains this year. The Blitz Cup for the European region will unfold during the Thanksgiving weekend, running from November 25-26. Be sure to keep track of that, along with any rewards for watching the tournament, over on the World of Tanks Blitz website.

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