Fights in Tight Spaces 1.0 update set to release next week

The 'Fights' are coming out of Steam Early Access with a 1.0 update set to release next week.


While November is coming to a close, it's looking like some late contenders are hoping to crack any last-second Game of the Year conversations. It looked for a while like Fights in Tight Spaces from the teams at Mode 7 and Ground Shatter would be relegated to the "Best Early Access Game" conversation, but in a surprising turn of events, it looks like the game is leaving Steam Early Access with its 1.0 update next week.

The full announcement can be found on the Fights in Tight Spaces Steam page. The 1.0 update will feature the last of the core game's stages, bug fixes, balance tweaks, improvements, Steam Achievements, and support for several new languages. The development team is also hinting at some surprises, which are not being revealed at this time.

For those unaware of Fights in Tight Spaces, this game is a deck-building card game, but from a very unique angle. Think of it less as the typical PvP card game or Slay the Spire-type of fantasy roguelike and think of a more contemporary tactical strategy game. The object is to lay down cards that string together attacks against increasing numbers of foes, creating large combos and avoiding enemy punches and gunfire. As the game's title implies, these melee battles are conducted in smaller spaces, like the ones seen in TV shows and movies.

Fights in Tight Spaces was released in Early Access back on February 24, but its 1.0 update will go beyond the PC gaming space. Look for this card-based tactical strategy fighter to release its 1.0 update on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on Thursday, December 2. If you absolutely can't wait that long, you can grab it on Steam Early Access today.

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