Shovel Knight Dig officially delayed to 2022

Shovel Knight can't 'Dig' his way into a 2021 release date.


If we're in the month of November and a game does not yet have a release date, it's going to be a fairly safe bet that it's not going to come out this year. Nonetheless, it's nice of developers to make things official. For Yacht Club Games, there hasn't been a lot of word on Shovel Knight Dig, the spin-off of the retro platforming hit, which is being created alongside developer Nitrome. On Wednesday, the team announced that Shovel Knight's next adventure won't be making it in time for the holidays and will instead make its debut in 2022.

"With 2021 coming to a close, we wanted to provide an update regarding Shovel Knight Dig!" reads the post on the Yacht Club Games website. "Development is going great, but we need a little more time than our initial projected release window! We look forward to delving into Dig with you in 2022!"

To help offset this bummer of an announcement, Yacht Club revealed a new adversary. Scrap Knight is another member of the Hexcavators and is known for collecting junk. She resides in her Magic Landfill, which she fills up with whatever treasure she can find. Shovel Knight will not only have to find his way out of this strange place while collecting as much treasure as possible, but it looks like he'll have to face off with Scrap Knight herself if he wants to go any further.

It's been a while since we tried out Shovel Knight Dig. We last tried it out shortly after it was announced, way back at PAX West 2019. Yacht Club has stayed busy in the meantime, as they're also currently hard at work on Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon.

There are no release dates for either Shovel Knight Dig or Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon. At the very least, we can now officially rule out a 2021 release for the former and see what Yacht Club can dig up for next year.

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