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Shadow Warrior 3 celebrates 2022 delay with new trailer

If you want Wang, you're going to have to wait, as Shadow Warrior 3 slips out of 2021.


Normally, one expects a trailer to celebrate a launch or announce a release date. Only publisher Devolver Digital could think, "You know, let's release a trailer to announce a delay." That's exactly what they did on Tuesday, announcing that Shadow Warrior 3 would not make its targeted 2021 release window.

In this latest trailer, the demon-busting action, with assassin Lo Wang at the center of it, is briefly interrupted by the development team at Flying Wild Hog. They cite a desire for the highest quality possible, which is why they revealed that Shadow Warrior 3 would not be ready for 2021. Instead, they note that the game will receive a short delay into 2022. The devs also noted that more footage of the game would be revealed in the near future, as would an official release date. The whole thing is presented in that distinct tongue-in-cheek Shadow Warrior manner and it's almost enough to make one overlook that Lo Wang seems to be wielding a giant Harley Quinn mallet.

Shadow Warrior 3 was originally announced back at the 2020 Devolver Direct presentation. It was originally aiming for a 2021 release, but considering that November has been around the corner and there hasn't been an announcement of a release date, it was a safe assumption that the game wouldn't be able to make that release window. The game was last seen during this year's Devolver MaxPass+ presentation at E3 2021, at the time still hoping to arrive this year.

We'll keep an eye on Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog for the latest from Shadow Warrior 3. As of now, the game is still aiming for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It remains to be seen whether Flying Wild Hog will take this extra time to bump the game up to the new console generation.

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