The Destiny 2 glitch known as 'min-max' is getting players banned

Bungie is working on a fix but in the meantime, don't do it unless you want a ban.


Destiny 2 and glitches go hand-in-hand. Players will always search for new and exciting glitches to try and push the game to its limits. Sometimes glitches can have the unintended consequence of giving players in PVP an unfair advantage. A recent glitch known as the min/max or min-max glitch is one such example. Players that are using this glitch are finding themselves swiftly banned from Destiny 2.

Before we get into the meat of it, as someone who writes a lot of Destiny 2 content and feels a certain responsibility to the community, I wanted to stipulate that myself and everyone else at Shacknews in no way condones the use of glitches or exploits that are harmful to the community or player experience.

destiny 2 min-max glitch
A single Super usually generates three Orbs of Power, sometimes up to eight if it's a roaming Super. This min-max glitch generates significantly more high-tier Orbs.

The min-max glitch in Destiny 2 utilizes a Titan’s Ward of Dawn Super (or a Warlock’s Well of Radiance), the windowed mode, and some various inputs in order to generate a significant number of Orbs of Power – way more than the Super ought to. These Orbs of Power recharge your ally’s Super ability and activate powerful mods. Not only does it generate Orbs, but it can also severely lag the game. When the glitch is used in a PVP setting, it gives one team a significant advantage over the other.

In order to combat players exploiting this glitch for personal gain, Bungie has implemented a Rutabaga error code. Players that perform the glitch will be disconnected from the game and receive the Rutabaga error message. Receive the error code enough times and players will face “escalating restrictions” according to a tweet by Community Manager dmg04.

It seems that Bungie has known about this glitch for a while now and has been silently working on it in the background. The patch for this glitch is scheduled to arrive around December, as it’s an “incredibly deep and difficult” bug to fix. Unfortunately, a YouTuber has released a video showing how to perform the glitch, and as such, Bungie has needed to implement the Rutabaga error code a stop-gap. For now, though, it’s interesting that there’s a game-breaking bug out there that isn’t caused by Telesto.

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